41+ Abyssinian Cat Pics

41+ Abyssinian Cat Pics. The abyssinian cat remains a popular breed on the show circuit , yet its exact historical origin remains unknown. Abyssinians are rather slender and are usually very colorful.

Abyssinian Price Personality Lifespan
Abyssinian Price Personality Lifespan from www.catbreedslist.com
Questions to ask before getting a cat. Including abyssinian cat personality, colors, rescue and more. These cats are very vocal, demonstrative and active.

Questions to ask before getting a cat.

Are you looking to get a cat? The abyssinian cat is a very popular, elegant, purebred cat with a long and interesting history. The abyssinian is very slender, almost like the runway model of the cat world. They are considered one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats in the world and may have descended from the cats of ancient egypt.


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